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Kombucha Guide

Become a kombucha expert with us

You don't just want to enjoy our Kombucha, but also want to learn a lot more about the fermented tea drink. Then you've come to the right place! We have summarized the most important blog articles for you. Step by step you can become a real Kombucha expert. You can find more interesting articles about kombucha, fermentation and delicious recipes on our blog..

Kombucha for beginners - everything you need to know!

What is Kombucha Which important ingredients arise during fermentation How does the fermentation exactly all health effects of the tea beverage at a glance. We answer the most important questions and explain how you can easily Brew your own kombucha at home can.

All information about Kombucha Scoby!

What does the name stand for Scoby? How does the Kombucha tea fungus? How to breed your own little one kombucha culture At home! You will find all these questions and much more about the exciting miracle mushroom in this article.

Kombucha mushroom: Interesting facts about the useful tea mushroom

What is a mushroom doing in my drink? Why the Kombucha culture is actually not a mushroom at all and how a healthy soft drink can be conjured up from simple ingredients with its Support . In addition to all sorts of interesting facts about the tea fungus, you will also find out here how you can grow your own Kombucha mushroom at home. Here we go!!

Make Kombucha yourself:Kombucha recipe for beginners

With this article you will quickly realize that making kombucha yourself is not rocket science. Our recipe explains you Step by step how to ferment your first kombucha at home. With our Video Instruction and detailed expert tips you will surely succeed.

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